About Marsha

Photo of Marsha holding her young daughter while writing

If you have been to my site before now, you would have seen a very different portfolio. My portfolio is a barometer of my sense of self. The work was good then, but it was not who my true authentic self was then or is now.

I am a product of the environment I grew up in: rural, wide open, wild and deep. I am who I am because of the prairie where I scraped my knees and dug my fingers in. 

The threshold between cut grass and an open field, that’s where you’ll find me. I jump fences, duck my head under barbed wire and ignore “DO NOT TRESPASS” signs. I need to be where the wild is. 


  • Mother to one future feminist leader, and compassion advocate.
  • Wife to a talented web developer and amazing human.
  • Daughter of working class mixed race parents.
  • Native Texan and calls Austin, Texas home.
  • BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Has illustrated 12 books with Simon & Schuster on The Critter Club series.
  • Need thought-provoking picture book or editorial illustrations? I’m your lady. Get in touch.
  • Picture book proposals available upon request. Current favorite topics: complexities of rural life; comparisons between passersby and residents in flyover country; flora and fauna of the Gulf Coast prairie; houses and their foundations in relation to economic stability; The New York Photo League; Dorothea Lange; documentary photography; Social Realism; nuanced realities of being mixed race and cultureless; comparisons between human, geologic and cosmic time; physical entropy of the beach; the eternal beauty of the sky; and books specifically crafted to read outside.