Thought-provoking illustrations rooted in the earth

An illustrator showing truthful images of rural life from the perspective of someone with roots in that landscape.

Illustration: a family sleeps peacefully in the back of a pickup truck under moonlight.
Illustration: kids on a school bus watch a boy scramble across a ditch, a second view shows a path into a distant stand of trees
Illustration: children and a dog run through high grass.
Illustration: Dorothea Lange photographs workers in a field under a cloudy sky.
Illustration: headshot of Dorothea Lange.
Illustration: a mouse sits amidst trash scattered in a field.
Illustration: a small girl leaves a trail as she crosses through a field of grass.
Illustration: a small girl looks up at an unfinished highway overpass, metal rebar extending into the open sky.
Illustration: children walk past a silo, beads of sweat on their faces.
Illustration: a girl walks her bicycle through a soggy, muddy field.
Illustration: a number of children wait next to mailboxes under umbrellas during a downpour.
Illustration: a small girl looks out the window of a singlewide trailer as a doe nurses a baby deer.
Illustration: small children cross through a culvert and crawl under a barbed wire fence.