Girl Meets Rabbit
Thumbnail: Girl Meets Rabbit
Gathering May Flowers
Thumbnail: Gathering May Flowers
Sled Ride
Thumbnail: Sled Ride
Giraffes Nuzzling
Thumbnail: Giraffes Nuzzling
Three Baby Goats
Thumbnail: Three Baby Goats
Stewart, Wake Up!
Thumbnail: Stewart, Wake Up!
Spring Evening
Thumbnail: Spring Evening
Spring Night
Thumbnail: Spring Night
Thumbnail: Sprinkler
Sand Castle
Thumbnail: Sand Castle
Fun at the Pool
Thumbnail: Fun at the Pool

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Round Robin Round 3 Thumbnail

Round Robin-Round 3

Here’s my start on the third week of the Round Robin group illustrations with my illustrator friends Amy Farrier and Diandra Mae.

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Round Robin Round 2 Thumbnail

Round Robin – Round 2

Howdy All! Here’s the second portion of this week’s Round Robin with fellow illustrators Diandra Mae and Amy Farrier.

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