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Color Mock Ups For Confident Creativity!

Howdy All! Get ready for another process post! This one’s about creating digital color mock ups to use when you are analogue painting. ;) The piece I’m using as an example is a small section of a painting I just finished for Appleseeds! :D This will be published in October. The reason I paint these

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Commission Piece and Loving Botanicals

Howdy All! I was asked by a friend to create a super special gift for her Critter Club-loving niece. She wanted a painting that featured her niece “Critter Club style” hanging with her best furry friend. How cool is that? :D I’ve been doing more experimenting with painting botanicals so I decided to add that

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Critter Club!

Check out the box of goodies I found on my doorstep! Buy Marion Strikes a Pose now!

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Notes from a first time LA Conference attendee

Howdy All! The SCBWI LA National Conference just wrapped up last week and I was there for all of it! Four full days of awesome conference and it was The Best! So here’s my super quick rundown of the highlights: Friday I went to the First Timers meet up in the morning which was fun

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