Long Ago & Far Away


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Today I wanted to spend some time talking about a PBS show I watched as a child that I’ve held near and dear to my heart, “Long Ago and Far Away.” Like Reading Rainbow this show introduced children to story and picture and had a charming host, James Earl Jones. However, it was more heavy on the animation, dreamy music and skewed towards an older age group in literature choices. Most of what the show featured were classic stories and fables: Frog and Toad are FriendsThe Reluctant Dragon, and The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship, for example. If you have not heard of this show I implore you to watch an episode, I’m sure you’ll be charmed like I was. 

Because this show is no longer on the air and there are no recordings of it for sale, it’s difficult to find episodes. However, there is a crowdsourced YouTube channel: Long Ago and Far Away, Crowdsourced

Hope you enjoy!! :D I just LOVE the intro music, it takes me back and is so dreamy!

BTW, I’ve gotten so much out of PBS and I’m supporter. If you have a local PBS station that you’ve enjoyed I suggest supporting them too!

Long Ago and Far Away

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